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JOYous CHAI LIGHTS is a monthly calendar listing of mostly Los Angeles Jewish Renewal shuls, events, holidays, workshops, national retreats, ARTS, contests, books, spiritual teachers, and Joy's commentary.

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Joy Serves G*d in Joy as a passionate performing percussionist, poet, publisher, photographer, publicist, sound healer, spiritual guide, artist, gardener and Gemini. "Ivdu Et Hashem B'Simcha" -Psalm 100:2 ....... Joy Krauthammer, active in the Jewish Renewal, Feminist, and neo-Chasidic worlds for over three decades, kabbalistically leads Jewish women's life-cycle rituals. ... Workshops, and Bands are available for all Shuls, Sisterhoods, Rosh Chodeshes, Retreats, Concerts, Conferences & Festivals. ... My kavanah/intention is that my creative expressive gifts are inspirational, uplifting and joyous. In gratitude, I love doing mitzvot/good deeds, and connecting people in joy. In the zechut/merit of Reb Shlomo Carlebach, zt'l, I mamash love to help make our universe a smaller world, one REVEALING more spiritual consciousness, connection, compassion, and chesed/lovingkindness; to make visible the Face of the Divine... VIEW MY COMPLETE PROFILE and enjoy all offerings.... For BOOKINGS write: joyofwisdom1 at gmail.com, leave a COMMENT below, or call me. ... "Don't Postpone Joy" bear photo montage by Joy. Click to enlarge. BlesSings, Joy
JOYous CHAI LIGHTS, October 2009, Tishrei, Cheshvan 5770

CHEVRA, I'm having edit problems with this current web and it is not fully updated. Sorry, I've lost my colorful formatting... and photos ....so I created a NEW SITE for October, Sukkot issue 2009 5770.  (Each month I will have to rename with new month.)

Dear Chevra,
G'mar Tova and a Chag Sameach

BlesSings, Joy

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Shofar and Pomegranates (c) Joy Krauthammer

Like pomegrante seeds, I am planting seeds within this blog, every day. .


.ar Chevre,
"Chai Lights" was birthed in the "Jewish Calendar Magazine" in 1983 and my spiritual ARTS monthly column lived there in hard copy for about a dozen years.

A benefit to JOYous CHAI LIGHTS blog format vs. my e-mailing form for the past years, is that I can add to it during the month, so if YOU want something included, feel free to let me know. In blog form, the benefit is that you can also access this info at any time.

You are welcome to "COMMENT" at end of this long POST or else write directly to me. I always love reading what YOU write and then delete them. (My other BLOGS (PR memos mostly, not diaries) are visible by clicking MY PROFILE at top left, or listed at end.)

Feel free to use any of the info in CHAI LIGHTS for your shul's website info. Let's JOYOUSLY bring "Community into Unity."

I am happy to share with you my JOYous CHAI LIGHTS of upcoming Shabbats, Chagim/holidays, mostly LA Jewish RENEWAL and post-denominational spiritual events, classes & the ARTS, plus...I only write about the events that I know and love. Not the shuls I used to go to, nor the ones I haven't yet gone to, nor the ones I intentionally don't go to. Thus mine is a partial listing and not 'impartial'. They are where I love to be, and invite you to join me there in joy along the Four Worlds path to The Tree of Life.

In the merit/zechus and light of Reb Shlomo Carlebach, zt'l, I love helping to make our universe a smaller world, one with more spiritual consciousness, connection, and chesed/lovingkindness. With spiritual Guidance, I make instinctual connections for people. I believe that music helps to cross boundaries and brings us closer to the Holy One, so I emphasize here those events, as well as learning and prayer opportunities. Please see my Reb Shlomo story at the end.

Monthly, I write this large mailing, my gift to Chevra, from my Porter Ranch kitchen table looking East to Jerusalem, and no one but I proof it. I hand click each recipient, no lists. UNSUBSCRIBE-- Let me know. Information is subject to change. Please call event to confirm specific locations, times, fees and accessibility. If you see an error that would be continued, please let me know.

PLEASE FORWARD JOYous CHAI LIGHTS TO YOUR FRIENDS & FAMILY so they, too, can enjoy with you, spiritual Renewal Judaism. Most of what I include here is NOT included in other local media. This is the only Jewish spiritual Renewal oriented LA events list. Click on underlined LINKS below for full updated stories of events & some photos. I love it when at an event I meet someone and they tell me they are present because a friend had forwarded CHAI LIGHTS to them.

CONTENTS: Exceptional Chai Lights HAPPENINGS (i.e. spiritual retreats, festivals, ARTS, and books are mostly at beginning of this list and some are at the end, and ongoing Chai Lights events (i.e. SHULS, MINYANS, museums, classes) are mostly in the middle, then, HOLY GATHERINGS, ARTS, and OUTSIDE LA, and my PERSONAL NOTE near end of JOYous CHAI LIGHTS to learn of my mamash gevaldt /truly glorious rabbis and other teachers or teachings that I love, as well as videos, reviews, musings, etc. More PRESS at end.

Having Publisher's privilege, I invite you to my many activities, and share them here. You can even hire me to play passionate percussion and Miriyahm HaNeviah for Rosh Chodeshes, Women's Passover Seders, Reb Shlomo Carlebach, zt'l concerts or other spiritual events. I play for shuls and events throughout LA.

Contact me if you want to invite KINDRED SPIRITS, my 18 member percussion group of REMO friends to join you, or if you want OPEN TO WONDER, my divine band, http://www.opentowonderband.blogspot.com/ for your spiritual services.
If your community/shul desires a sound healer, I'm available-- Sounds of Joy. http://www.healingsoundsofjoy.blogspot.com/

I travel with my crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, bells and gongs that I brought back from Tibet. I love playing them for meditation, vibrational massage, yoga, dance, and homeopathic healing.
JOY SHAKERS. As percussionist for LA synagogues and events, I'm offering a little workshop on small percussion. See PR at bottom. Please contact me, Joy, for bookings. http://www.joyshakers.blogspot.com/
SIMCHAT CHOCHMAH http://simchatchochmah.blogspot.com/

AriellaShira Lewis and I loved offering SIMCHAT CHOCHMAH at ALEPH's week-long KALLAH retreat in Ohio. I loved giving the workshop also to Makom Ohr Shalom members this summer. Call me to book a workshop.

In addition, I, Joy, continue to offer Kabbalistic Four World workshops on "Joy ." See list at very end.
When I am drumming, connecting to the Source of All BlesSings, I love seeing YOUR smiling hearts radiating from Hashem and illuminating and reflecting Divine light, and then mine drums in joy with yours. I always love hearing from YOU and hearing about your spiritual path.
Please ask The Compassionate One for healing blessings / MiSheberach for all those you love, for healing comfort in Four Worlds of spirit, mind, body and soul. (Especially at this time of LA fires.) Remember to try to use the Hebrew name both of the one in need, along with the mother's Hebrew name. Torah.org offers MiSheberach lists you can use and you can pray for those listed. http://torah.org/services/cholim/

Another source I like for Jewish prayer community is, "Daven For Me And I'll Daven For You". info@davenforme.org http://www.davenforme.org/ 718 437-8812. No charge.

BlesSings of love, Shabbat shalom, prosperity, health and joy (of course).

See you in shul,
Joy Krauthammer
"Ivdu Et HaShem B'Simcha" Psalm 100:2
Serve G*D in Joy

"Then Miriam the Prophetess, Aaron's sister, took a timbrel in her hand, and all the women went out after her with timbrels & dances." Exodus 15:20


* * * * * * * HAPPENINGS

ARTS, Movies, Festivals, Retreats, Mazal Tovs.
Jewish Women's Theatre offers salon theatre, conversation & fabulous desserts at a beautiful home & garden in Brentwood. Sunday, October 18th. Doors open at 3 p.m. Program begins at 3:30 p.m.
Learn about the 2010 season of At-Homes: A Salon Theatre Series and our New Play Series at the American Jewish University.
RSVP for event address:Deena@Jewishwomenstheatre.org call 310.592.7749
I participated in this event last year and it was wonderful and fun filled with many friends. Try to go.
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Here's a really important listing to share with your family and community. How about including it in your shul's newletter:
Community Action Alert, Ways You Can Help or Get Help in the face of the Economic Crisis, compiled by Ann Sturman 818 464-2853.
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STEFANI VALADEZ sings in enchanting voice, including Ladino at many venues around town. http://www.stefanivaladezmusic.com/
~ ~ ~

RUTH FOGELMAN's newest book, "Cradled in God's Arms," is listed under Personal Notes at end.
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JEWISH ARTISTS INITIATIVE, JAI. Read web site for exciting LA artists' shows.
~ ~ ~

INVITATION from Joy, and the Daniel Pearl Foundation
It is important to me, through music, to celebrate the life of Daniel Pearl, z'l as part of Daniel Pearl World Music Days - Oct. 1-31, 2009. Each year I participate as percussionist in synagogue memorial concerts. We invite YOUR participation.
Erev Shabbat at Makom Ohr Shalom, Oct. 16. 7:45 pm.

Shabbat morning at N'Shama Minyan, Oct. 31. VBS. See web or under shuls. for full info.

Erev Shabbat, Nov. 13, 8 pm. Valley Beth Shalom. See Daniel Pearl website for full details.


Last year, more than 1,000 events in 59 countries commemorated the life of journalist/musician Daniel Pearl. This is the 8th year that musicians around the globe use their talents to inspire audiences and spread “Harmony for Humanity". Create a concert.

Please visit www.danielpearlmusicdays.org to register your upcoming October music events. If you experience any difficulties registering, Paul will be happy to register them for you. Send a list of participating event details you would like registered.

There is no financial obligation. Your participation in World Music Days requires only that you make a customizable dedication from the stage or in the printed program to the values by which Danny lived.

Contact: Paul Karlsen, Operations and Program Manager, Daniel Pearl Foundation (310) 441-1400 paul@danielpearl.org http://www.danielpearl.org/ http://www.danielpearlmusicdays.org/

~ ~ ~

For your childrens' free BIRTH RIGHT trip to Israel conatact:
~ ~ ~
*GOLDSTAR*: To sign up for FREE info on half-price ARTS tickets for events, theatre, music, etc. write:

* * * * * * * SHULS, MINYANS

mostly Aleph, Renewal, alternative, egalitarian, women's, some traditional

Contact each shul for their High Holiday schedules and locations.

(Other small LA minyans can be found on web: National Havurah Committee)

We in LA are mamash / truly blessed with our minyanim.
"And I have loved you with an eternal love; therefore I have extended loving-kindness to you. I shall yet rebuild you and you shall be rebuilt, O Maiden of Israel; you will yet adorn yourself with drums and go forth in the round-dance of the joyful." (Jeremiah 31:2,3)

Challah and Chevra (c) Joy Krauthammer


LEV EISHA (Heart of a Woman) monthly Shabbat service, Sat. Oct. 3, 9:30 A.M. Next month, Nov, we meet an hour earlier for the extra blessed breakfast teaching. The women literally "look forward to" these Shabbats and drive in from Palm Spring, Orange County, etc. LEV EISHA meets at new location in the beautiful sanctuary at Vista Del Mar with lots of parking, through June 2010. Come and stay for Kiddish, blesSings, schmoozing, feasting and joy. It is FIRST DAY OF SUKKOT. 3200 Motor Ave, LA. 90034. North of National and the 10. There is a map on the website. The new grounds are filled with trees; an oasis in the city. http://www.leveisha.org/

http://www.leveisha.org/ and or read ads in the LA Jewish Journal paper edition.

LEV EISHA is where I love to be. My heart and soul soar davenen at Lev Eisha.

Come say hi. We are:

* a monthly creative prayer service for women by women, led by Rabbi Toba August & cantorial soloist - Cindy Paley accompanied by us ruach-filled global world-beat music percussionists - Joy Krauthammer and Chris Gacsi, violinist - Chaplain Ruth Belonsky, and soloists - Robin Winston, Mollie Wine & Toby Schwartz (who also beautifully chants Torah). We have some great new songs for you!

* an exciting, innovative Shabbat service that offers a warm welcoming environment for women seeking to connect with their Judaism. Men are welcome.

* a joyous, spiritual sanctuary for women of all ages and affiliations to come together in enthusiasm, heart, energy & intellect: in song, praise, prayer, study, dance, meditation and spiritual growth.


* The first Saturday /Shabbat of every month your other rabbis know where you are! Join us and play timbrel in praise for the Source of All BlesSings.

~ ~ ~


MAKOM OHR SHALOM EnCHANTing Erev Shabbats in Valley, Fridays Oct. 2, and Oct.16 we have the memorial Shabbat for Reb Shlomo Carlebach and Daniel Pearl, z'l, 7:45 pm. Join me, and a few Kindred Spirits visit. Other dates in LA. See Website. Rabbis Debra Orenstein & Monty Turner. Theresa Nivon, choir director and soloist. Dana Stone-Goldberg and Alula are soloists. Guest musicians include: Alan Klein, horn, David Platus, clarinet, Joy Krauthammer, percussionist, Eli Lester, drummer & Steve Berman, harmonica.

5619 Lindley @ Burbank, NW corner in host church, Tarzana. Shabbat dinners, Havdalahs, Havurahs, healing services.

Dana and Makom members greet all the people at the door and it feels good to be welcomed. When I'm there early, I too greet Shabbat guests.

~ ~ ~

CARTOON that I love by Steve Greenberg

(Jewish Journal award-winning cartoonist)

Transcending Tradition: illustrating Jewish Spiritual Renewal. Cartoon musicians include: flutist, Richard Hardy, and myself-- Joy Krauthammer, timbrel player in purple, both of us Reb Shlomo, zt"l musicians, and Alula (from Ethiopia), and Cantorial soloist Mark Bachrach on shofar; all of us from Rabbi Stan Levy's congregation B'nai Horin during the High Holidays at AJU's Brandeis Bardin. (It was Divine.)

B'NAI HORIN -Children of Freedom, once monthly intimate Shabbat services, 10 am - 1:30 pm, Rabbi Stan Levy, Rabbi Laura Owens, Marc Bachrach, cantorial soloist. As a member for two decades of this 40 year old shul, you may find me there with my timbrel in hand, or Tibetan singing bowls, and with an open heart, dancing in the garden. THIS MONTH: Sukkot, Oct. 3 at the Rabbi and Lynda's home, and Simchat Torah, Oct. 10 at the rabbi's home. Maybe I'll see you there for Simchat Torah.


Regular Contribution: $15 B'nai Horin members, $20 guests. First-timers: no charge. Please bring a salad, dessert or drinks to share or contribute $5 toward the main dish. A blesSing to be in Carole Foley's home garden, 11040 Queensland, West LA, one light south of National, 1 1/2 blocks east of Sepulveda Blvd.

http://www.bnaihorin.com/ . (310) 441-4434.

~ ~ ~


AHAVAT TORAH Congregation. Weekly, lively Shabbat service and pot-luck buffet luncheon. Every Sat. 9 AM Israeli-born Rabbi Miriam Hamrell (AJR ordained) teaches Mussar/Pirkey Avot-Ethics of our Father, and 10 AM Shabbat service with Rabbi Miriam Hamrell and Gary Levine (opera-trained)- cantorial soloist and others accompanied by Joel Warren, pianist. Guest Torah teachers. Participatory musical worship service.


Held at the Village Glen Lutheran Church, 343 Church Lane, LA, 90049, 5-6 blocks south of Sunset, north of Montana, just west of the 405 Freeway. Brentwood, LA. Park in the South parking lot or on the streets. I love it that member Sherry loans me her timbrel when I show up. I love attending the participatory early teachings in the intimate room. I love receiving Torah aliyahs. I love feeling winged angels flying high from the sweet sounds.


This is a social-action community and they warmly greet you at the door, and offer Torah honors which feel really good. They offer important evening classes. http://www.ahavattorahcongregation.org/

Member, Len Felder, Ph.D. writes the blog: http://www.creatingsacredcommunity.blogspot.com/

~ ~ ~


N'SHAMA MINYAN, Rabbi Nina Bieber Feinstein & Cindy Paley Aboody - cantorial soloist and guitarist, Joy Krauthammer - world music percussionist, and guest musicians & soloists. Service in the artistic stained glass Lopaty Chapel, prayer, song, dance, spirit, study. Sisterhood minyan led by and for women and all are invited. Summer hiatus. Check the VBS website or call the shul to confirm dates & time for the next Women's Shabbat service. (Not always Sat. AM, some Rosh Chodeshes and holidays)vbs.org/

Join us. Meets at Valley Beth Shalom, 15739 Ventura Blvd., Encino, 91436. (818) 788-6000 or Susan: (818) 343-3078

Oct 31, with special musical guests from Columbia University, Pizmon.

This Shabbat is in memory of slain journalist, Daniel Pearl, z'l, for World Music Days.


While at VBS, check out all their daily many varied fantastic spiritual offerings with many wonderful rabbis and cantors.

REB SHLOMO, z'l memorial FARBRENGEN, erev Shabbat, Nov. 13, 8 pm. I perform with the Chassidic Orchestra at VBS with Cantor Herschel Fox. This is a wonderful annual Shabbat. Join me.

~ ~ ~


METIVTA, Friday, and Sat. services. Lay led meets both in LA and the Valley for Shabbat services, Shabbat dinner, meditations and classes. Fills quickly. Call for dates TBA and events. I love their Contemplative intimate Kabbalat Shabbat service; candle lighting, prayer, chanting, niggunim, a pot luck dinner and a discussion of the weekly parsha.


It is a gift that Metivta Valley members like Gilla Nissan and the Glasers and Morgensterns offer their homes for spiritual Services. Founded by Rabbi Jonathan Omer-Man. I enjoyed recently serving as their percussionist. RSVP to Gilla at gilla@metivta.org or call (818) 990-7942.

Metivta@metivta.org (818) 654-9293. http://www.metivta.org/

~ ~ ~


MALIBU Jewish Center & Synagogue. Weekly Shabbat services with Rabbi Judith HaLevy & (Argentinean) Cantor Marcelo Gindlin. Chaplain Ruth Belonsky plays exquisite soulful violin. Go early for Rabbi Judith's deep Torah teachings. Sarah's Tent people study & davven at Malibu and love the rabbi who co-founded Sarah's Tent. If I didn't live so far, I'd be learning there all the time. Torah study 9:30 am, Service 11:30. 310 456-2178 (It was a Divine blesSing to share 2nd day Rosh Hashana with my Sarah's Tent friends at Malibu.)


~ ~ ~


THE ONE SOUL MINYAN, Monthly Saturdays, 10 am, with Rabbi Mark Borovitz of Beit T'Shuvah (addiction rehabilitation center), exhilarating musical service held at Valley Beth Shalom location and most months, third Shabbat. VBS Rabbi Ed Feinstein and other visiting rabbis participate in service.

. 15739 Ventura Blvd., Encino 818 788-6000 http://www.

I truly appreciate this intimate meaningful service and when I don't bring my timbrel the pianist loans me hers. I wish we had more Shabbats each month so I can davven everywhere. They Meets regularly at 8831 Venice Blvd. LA

http://www.beittshuvahla.org/ 310 204-5200 This organization collects for their thrift store.

~ ~ ~

ONE SHABBAT MORNING (OSM) with Craig Taubman & wonderful musicians at Adat Ari El, 12020 Burbank Blvd., Valley Village. Sat., Oct. 31, Feb. 6, 2010, April 17. Call or google to confirm date of musical 10 am service with 9 am guest shiur. I love this service and the special themes. This is one of the minyans (like Lev Eisha) which attract other shul congregants from all over the greater LA area.

The congregants are given colorful egg shakers to use to enable greater musical participation. I love it when percussionist Jeff loans me his dumbek.

Lev Eisha 'poet in resident', SARAH BARASH , reads her spiritual poetry with OSM, Oct. 31.


Check out Craig's other Shabbats at Sinai Temple. (and his web site for terrific Jewish music.)

~ ~ ~

HAPPY MINYAN meets regularly for all Jewish observances and classes in the 'Hood'. We founded this Orthodox minyan when our beloved Reb Shlomo Carlebach, zt"l died 14 1/2 years ago. The chevre continues to meet and learn in Shlomo's light. It was the greatest blesSing in the universe for me to be Shlomo's percussionist and personal chauffeur.


Meets 9218 Pico Blvd. in a karate studio (across from Pat's). Visiting scholars. Musical Havdalahs. Yehuda of Moshav Band davvens with Happy Minyan. MOSHAV - does many Melave Malka Concerts, Sat nite, Happy Minyan, Mitzvah g'dola lihiyot b'simcha Tamid. It's a big mitzvah to be happy. Mazal Tov to founding member, Stuie Wax, for his 14 years of service to Happy Minyan.


~ ~ ~


SHTIBL MINYAN, lay-led, meets weekly, 1525 S. Robertson Blvd., LA (south of Pico) at Workman's Circle location on Sat. Mornings.



* * * * * * * HOLY GATHERINGS

Shabbats, museums. concerts, more ARTS, workshops, classes, etc.


OPEN DOOR SHABBAT, with the Owens and Lesters on alternating months. Celebrate and welcome the Sabbath Queen monthly 2nd Erev Shabbats, Fridays, 6:30 PM. Shayna & Eli Lester or Linda & Gerry Owens host each monthly Open Door Shabbat. Call them to confirm time, date, location in Santa Monica. Oct. at the ___'s home___.

Wonderful musicians and friends from all Renewal chevre including Sarah's tent. RSVP and advise what potluck vegetable, salad, fish or dessert you will share. Parking permits needed at Owen's home, so come by first to get permit. What a mamash holy gift to us that our blessed friends open their doors for Shabbat to create sacred space for us all.

RSVP. RevShayna@roadrunner.com 310-650-8808. Both Linda and Shayna serve as Spiritual Directors, and may be hired, along with other divine LA Jewish women for this holy work.

Blue Open Door- Sante Fe (c) Joy Krauthammer

~ ~ ~


CHAI CENTER. Shabbat dinners for 60 !!! Schwartzie and Rebbetzin Olivia open their doors to strangers, holidays, giant Sukkot, Pesach events and women's events. Send them my love.

http://www.chaicenter.org/ info@chaicenter.org

~ ~ ~

Please Come In (c) Joy Krauthammer


Red Chile mezuzah covers?


Jewish Learning Exchange. So many great visiting scholars from Israel teach daily at JLE. 512 N. La Brea Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90036 (323) 857-0923. Can we have this in the Valley? Ask to receive their mailings.

info@jlela.com http://www.jlela.com/

~ ~ ~


OHR HAMAKOR / Light from The Source, A Home for Holistic Kabbala with Rabbi T'mimah Ickovits (Aleph graduate) deciphers essential wisdom from Kabbalistic traditions, showing its relevance for today. Serving as a teacher, Mashpia Ruhanee; Spiritual Guide, Rabbi T'mimah leads custom ritual events and serves as a prayer leader. CALL for new classes or contact: RebbeT@KabbalahTmimah.org http://www.kabbalahtmimah.org/ 310 450-8808

~ ~ ~


BAIS CHANA women's LA school is run by Orthodox rebbetzin Yehudit Eichenblatt. Wonderful teachers learned with the finest Kabbalah teachers. Single lectures, Rosh Chodeshes, farbrengens for The Rebbe, z'l. I first met Yehudit when Reb Shlomo, z'l used to stay in her parents' LA home and I loved learning with her chevre. http://www.baischanaca.com/

~ ~ ~



~ ~ ~


LACMA. Los Angeles County Museum of Art

I had decided that because I'd been to Pompeii, near Naples, Italy, I had no need to go to the current big show at LACMA. Thankfully I went to the big ticket show and loved all the sculptures and frescos including the several timbrel playing ecstatic women. This one exhibit took me 3 hours.

Show ends in Oct. (Watch the 4 pm parking limit on Wilshire Blvd.)

I shlep to NY to play tourist; I can do the same here in the Big Orange.

~ ~ ~


SKIRBALL CULTURAL CENTER. Enjoy the Jewish exhibits, wonderful multi-ethnic concerts, theatre, dance, film, lectures, Passport Screenings, events. Great Adult Learning program. Tasty "Cart" sandwiches/salads sold at events and buffet dinner for some concerts.

http://www.skirball.org/ 310 440-4500 Sepulveda Pass @ Skirball Drive (Mulholland Drive) Free on Thursdays. Check out the Fall schedule.

Oct. 28. Yasmin Levy, Sephardic singer in concert.

~ ~ ~


From Our Family Album to Yours: Tel Aviv 100, Sept. 8 - Oct. 14. Finegood Art Gallery, Milken JCC, West Hills

Exhibition of Tel Aviv 100 photographs of first 100 years. Interactive exploration of Tel Aviv’s history through photos. Opening reception, Sun., Sept. 13, 2-5 pm No charge gallery or reception. Gallery hours: visit JewishLA.org and type in “Finegood Gallery” in the search box.

rsvp reception: Patty Bellovin 818-464-3219 or PBellovin@JewishLA.org.

Group tours: contact Stacy Orbach, JCC at Milken: 818-464-3287.

~ ~ ~


The Art of Bernard Baruch Zakheim (1896-1985) Ends Oct. 23. Gallery: Mon.-Thurs, 10-5, and Fri., 10-3. 310.552.2007. 1525 S. Robertson Blvd., (south of Pico) LA 90035. A More Beautiful World (Shenere Velt) Gallery is part of the national Arbeter Ring (Workmen’s Circle), which has been active in Southern California since 1908, dedicated to Jewish culture and social justice. (I'm partial to this organization because since my Grandma, z'l immigrated here, she was a member.)

Bernard Baruch Zakheim was recognized as a talented artist before the age of fifteen in Warsaw, Poland. He created works in many media for the next seven decades. After multiple escapes from German prison camps during World War I, he journeyed from Paris to San Francisco in 1920. In 1930 he worked with Diego Rivera in Mexico City. Back in California, he won a competition in 1931 to create the first public mural in the state, a fresco at the Jewish Community Center, San Francisco.


He also designed and built a fountain at the Center. Other public works include: two WPA murals in Texas, the San Francisco Coit Tower murals (with other artists, 1933), ten murals at the University of California Medical School, San Francisco (1934 –38), the Jewish Historical Museum, Warsaw, Poland (1961), and very familiar to Angelenos, the six large wood sculptures forming a monument to the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising and the Six Million, on view at Mount Sinai Memorial Park (1969).

~ ~ ~


REMO Music Center is offering the best! KIDS free drum circles monthly on first SUNDAYS, from 11 - 11:45 AM. Check first before going. http://www.remo.com/

Adult drumming every week night. Check web for amazing activities. Drums provided at every event and circle. Summer there are a few hundred drummers at REMO's drum circle and friends shlep from LA to the Valley. 818 982-0461, 7308 Coldwater, North Hollywood.

Say hi to facilitators Mike & Jerry from Joy. REMO's Women's Drum Day coming. Spring DATE TBA.

~ ~ ~


SIMCHAT CHOCHMAH ~ Joy of Wisdom is the spiritual journey and ritual celebration on turning at least 60 years. Continue to consciously envision your dreams, transform age-ing beliefs into blesSings, and strive toward attaining greater spiritual heights. How do we face our 'next' era, and then mortality, and redefine values in our lives in desiring to meet our highest potential, and leave our legacy? Become a "wisdom keeper" in a Jewish Eldering rite of passage ceremony.

I would love to offer this workshop to your spiritual community. Write to me ( joyofwisdom1 at gmail.com )to book a workshop, or if you have questions. http://www.simchatchochmah.blogspot.com/


Joy , MBA (UJ) Serving G*d With Joy, artist, poet, percussionist, sound healer, Chai Lights publisher, PR consultant, workshop leader, ritual guide, gardener. (I'm a Gemini.)

AriellaShira , MA, SLR, Speech Language Therapist. Facilitator, healing circles, angel on earth.


Both Joy and AriellaShira were students of Savina Teubal, z'l (creator of the Joy of Wisdom ritual), and have studied with Reb Zalman Schachter-Shalomi's Spritual Eldering Project / Aleph Sage-ing Project, as well as with Marcia Cohn Spiegel, # 2 Simchat Chochmah. Many Wonderful Women With Wisdom joined us at Sarah's Tent, LimmudLA, Wagner Women Retreat, Jewish Federation, Aleph's KALLAH, Makom Ohr Shalom, and AJU workshops and are ready for part II. If you've had part I, let's prepare for part 2.

~ ~ ~


JOY SHAKERS with Joy Krauthammer

Take a sound journey with Joy Shakers.* Learn to creatively play EGGS and small, shaken percussion instruments from indigenous world cultures. Explore shaker rhythms, tempos, patterns. Shape sounds, and experiment with body and shaker movements and positions. Shake, swing, swirl and shuckle your shakers in the Four Worlds--spirit, mind, heart and body. Booking for Joy Shakers workshop, please write to me either at my personal address or

joyofwisdom1 at gmail.com http://www.joyshakers.blogspot.com/

Upcoming session in Fall 2009 with One Shabbat Morning.

JOY is available for all your spiritual percussion needs.


* * * * * * * OUTSIDE LA


Going to Jerusalem? The ultimate Jerusalem e-calendar of events is published by Rabbi Yaacov Fogelman. Subscribe at: top@actcom.co.il Say HI from Joy in LA.

~ ~ ~


Elat Chayyim at Isabella Freedman Center. Experience weekly/Shabbat year-round Jewish Renewal retreats with wonderful teachers by a lovely lake in the Berkshires. I love this retreat center. http://www.isabellafreedman.org/elatchayyim


* * * * * * * JOY's PERSONAL NOTE

Writings, Torahs, Elul, Videos, Links, Rebbes, Teachers, etc.


THE DERONDA REVIEW, a journal of poetry and thought. I am pleased to announce that the newly released summer 2009 issue once again includes my poetry, "Flight of the Sephirot." The journal, co-edited by Esther Cameron and Mindy Aber Barad, is a bridge between the poets of America and Israel. I look forward to again doing a skpe reading with poets in Israel.

To subscribe: The Deronda Review, P.O. Box 55164, Madison, WI 53705.

In addition, I'm thrilled that my poetry and photography are included in Israel's current 14th edition, KOL CHEVRE.

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KOL CHEVRE, The Voice of the Chevra of Reb Shlomo Carlebach, z'l, has printed the 15th Issue for 15th yahrzeit. Theme: Moments, Tikun, Vision. Memories, stories, Your Torahs, Reb Shlomo Torahs, poetry, Reb Shlomo photos. Edition in memory of Rabbi Aryeh Hirschfield, z'l.

My story about Reb Shlomo, and photos of both rebbes are included.

Donations welcome.

Thank you, Emuna emunawitt14@yahoo.com emuna.witt@rebshlomo.org 050-862-9040 kolchevra@rebshlomo.org The Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach Foundation info@rebshlomo.org Jerusalem, Israel http://www.rebshlomo.org/

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Reb Shlomo, z'l (c) Joy Krauthammer

"Your hands are the holiest part of your body because they reach the highest." - Reb Shlomo


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RUTH FOGELMAN's newest book of poetry and photographs is: "Cradled in God's Arms ."

“…much of the poetry in this collection deals with Ms. Fogelman’s moving descriptions of the Old City of Jerusalem, of which she is a resident - its sights, smells, people, flowers, its special joining of earth and heaven…. Ruth’s work makes an immediate direct connection to the soul and heart of her readers, ties their hearts to the stones of Jerusalem along with hers. Her poetry is… eminently readable and not just for literary specialists. It can be read by and touch anyone…."

- Prof. Susan Handelman, Bar Ilan University . Co-Editor, Torah of the Mothers: Contemporary Jewish Women Read Classical Jewish Texts, and Wisdom From All My Teachers.

I have been reading Ruth's poetry for years, and have her photos of the Old City on my eastern wall serving as mizrachis. Ruth's writings from the Jewish Quarter are for me an umbilical cord through the heart and soul to holy Jerusalem; My neshama/soul deeply connects. She is my drumming, purple loving, soul sister. Ruth taught me how to tie my tichels / head scarves. - JOY


Ruth Fogelman is the author of "Within the Walls of Jerusalem - A Personal Perspective." Her writing and photography have appeared in numerous anthologies and other publications in Israel, the USA and India (including The Deronda Review.) Ruth is a facilitator of the Pri Hadash Women’s Writing Workshop in Jerusalem and has her Masters Degree from the Creative Writing Program at Bar Ilan University.

Here are links to Ruth reading from her new book at the release party:




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The family of REB DAVID ZELLER, z'l, have added an AFTERWARD to the book which his family and friends wrote about him, published before Reb Zeller died.


This Afterward is extremely touching, sharing with us the prior year before David's death. It is concerned especially with chaplaincy and being with the sick.

Reb Zeller was my very first Rebbe and it means so much to me to read the new words about my rebbe. Please open all the links on the website and listen to Reb Zeller sing and speak in angelic voice. It was the biggest blesSing to have Reb Zeller in our lives.

Reb Zeller, z'l and Joy Krauthammer

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Jewish Vegetarians of North America (JVNA) produced a one-hour documentary "A Sacred Duty: Applying Jewish Values to Help Heal the World," which argues that the application of Jewish values is essential to respond to global warming and other environmental threats and to help shift our imperiled planet to a sustainable path. "A Sacred Duty" http://www.asacredduty.com/ Complimentary copies of DVDs. Many articles at JewishVeg.com/schwartz. Shown at Kallah and Limmud.

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Torah Teachers directory, Local & International mostly. We have so many DIVINE JEWISH TEACHERS who are accessible to us. Write them to receive their weekly mails, or tune in their live webcasts. Who are your favorites?

Torah parsha teachings from Academy of Jewish Religion, LA http://www.ajrca.org/parsha_of_the_week.shtml

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Read Sarah's Tent and Malibu's JC&S member Gerry Owens' Torah parsha commentary. I love his psychological direction. http://web.mac.com.gerrylinda/

/ for Reflections from Above . Write and ask Gerry (gracious Open Door Shabbat host) to be on his list.

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To receive weekly deep Chassidic Torah Parsha teaching, contact Rachel Elana from the Happy Minyan. tikkunrachel@gmail.com

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My orthodox chareidi rebbe, YOSEF BEN SHLOMO HAKOHEN, sends out his Hazon - Our Universal Vision Torah teachings. Ask me for his e-address or click the link. For years I study with this Jerusalem based teacher and continue to be deeply inspired and supported in my spiritual growth by chesed -filled Reb Yosef. www.shemayisrael.com/publicat/hazon

Read his Elul note at top of JOYous CHAI LIGHTS.

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I love receiving the teachings from MIRIAM (AKA Mindy) RIBNER. Write to Miriam and ask for her deep holiday teachings. Mindy is a disciple of Reb Shlomo, z'l, and she has been journeying around the world sharing her Kabbalistic meditations and counsel.

http://www.kabbalahoftheheart.com/For more information call 646-382-4696 or email Miriam@kabbalahoftheheart.com

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I really resonated with this teaching from Rabbi Laibl Wolf of Australia.


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A SIMPLE JEW. A blog I've discovered http://asimplejew.blogspot.com/

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Use this link to connect to video teachings from Rabbi David Ingber, Romemu, NY.

I have greatly enjoyed learning with him at Elat Chayyim and LimmudLA and loved being at his NY Romemu Shabbat service with him this summer. "Be your note!", he said. Sounds a little like Reb Zuscha. http://www.romemu.org/

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http://www.jewishspiritualrenewal.net/ with Rabbi Arthur Segal. RabbiASegal@aol.com to subscribe at no fee to his Torah and Talmud teachings.

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Rabbi Sholom Brodt. I love the mamash gevaldt deep teachings from his Jerusalem's Reb Carlebach Yeshivah



Write to Rabbi Sholom Brodt to receive his weekly teaching and see their video class schedules. Invite him to your community. "To gather the holy sparks, is a task that we are all engaged in. Each time you drink some water or eat some food, if you do this in a holy way and then use the energy of the food and drink to do good deeds, to study Torah, to pray and to do acts of loving kindness, you are gathering and elevating the holy sparks that were 'trapped' or contained in the food and drink.


"The four corners of the Tallis teach us that it is our responsibility to reach out to all four corners of the world - whichever direction we are walking in, wherever we may be at the moment, there are sparks of holiness that are waiting to be gathered and elevated. Each time we do so we are affirming and strengthening the unity of the worlds." - Rabbi Sholom Brodt

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Go to http://rebshlomo.org/ to read REB SHLOMO'S TORAHS and STORIES.

Reb Shlomo Carlebach, Shirley Perluss, Joy Krauthammer

1994 (c) Shira Solomon


My Shabbat Story with Reb Shlomo Carlebach, zt'l.


When I would slowly walk to shul on Shabbat in Jerusalem with Reb Shlomo, zt'l, I mamash deeply felt that Shlomo was pulling in "all four corners of the world" just like tzitsit on a tallit. At each intersection, people increasing in number came to Shlomo to greet him and ask for his bruchot / prayers and mitzvot, which he later delivered. I told Shlomo he was the "Pied Piper." He was cute and said that I was "the Pied" and he was "the Piper". I know that Shlomo's kavenah / intention of "uniting the worlds" was met when the chasidim with black hats and peyis / side curls would recognize and greet me at other times, when Shlomo was not present.


Years ago, I once heard Malavah Malkah dancers in Berkeley call out loud, "Shlomo is not even here and we continue to dance." We dance in Shlomo's zechut / merit. May we be blessed to dance. Reb Shlomo would share, "Our feet can take us where our minds can not go," and "Dance your way into the Book of Life."

with love, Joy

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Read Jerusalem Rabbi Yaakov Fogelman's amazing Torahs, A Jerusalem Jewish Voice, short or long versions filled with eclectic wisdom. Contact:

top@actcom.co.il . www.israelVisit.co.il/top Latest e-mail studies archived at http://www.shamash.org/.

I have been blessed to meet Rabbi Fogelman and have Shabbat in his home in the Old City. I LOVE HIS FAMILY.

Ruth Fogelman is a divine poet. http://www.geocities.com/jerusalemlives/

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Former LA teacher now living in the desert, fine Judaic artist, Michael Jacobs, for years has written a weekly Torah commentary. Interesting points and gematria from a scribe's point of view. Michaelojacobs@roadrunner.com

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Knowing Heart, Daat Tevunos by Ramchal with Yad Avraham's Rabbi Kalatsky. LIVE, Wednesday 10 am LA, 1 pm NY. Torah live, Tuesdays 9 am LA time. Rav translates all the Hebrew. I love learning with him. The Rav translates all his Hebrew. Watch live video broadcasts online at: http://www.yadavraham.org/Default.aspx?


To download this week's commentaries please go to: http://www.yadavraham.net/documents/Korach2009.doc

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I love DAILY DOSE from http://www.chabad.org/ . You too can subscribe to this daily teaching of the Rebbe, revised by Rabbi Tzvi Freeman.

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For wonderful writings by Jewish women, also read:

http://www.thejewishwoman.org/ edited by Sara Esther Crispe, on Chabad's web site. They include my writings.

I've been a Chabadnic ever since I met The Rebbe, zt'l, in 1970, and he gave me a dollar.

I was blessed to be able to davven for the first time at The Lubavitch Rebbe's kever in Queens, N.Y. I made prayers for all our chevra. This was a mamash, deeply moving experience for me. I gave tzadakah at the grave site.

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Learn HEBREW and B'nei Mitzvot studies with Israeli metaphysical teacher, Gilla Nissan, privately in her Valley home. You may know Gilla from AJU/UJ or Metivta. I love accompanying Gilla at special Metivta services.Info: Gilla29@msn.com or 818 990-7942

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Cantor Michael Russ teaches B'NAI MITZVOT privately in the Valley. http://www.lchayimservices.com/ 818 360-3468

Michael tutored me to read my Torah birth parsha for my Simchat Chochmah.

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"Morning I Will See You: Awakening to the Beauty of the Day", is a new CD by Rabbi Shawn Zevit,

"Blessings when we live in our power. Blessings when we live in holiness."

Full review by Joy in Sept. Elul issue of joyous Chai Lights.

SZevit@comcast.net http://www.rabbizevit.com/ www.cdbaby.com/zevit4



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Tablet Magazine ( http://www.tabletmag.com/), a daily online magazine of Jewish news, ideas, and culture, launched June. Tablet Magazine offers up-to-the-minute reactions to the day’s news, sophisticated cultural coverage, and in-depth investigations of broad trends in Jewish life. It combines a newspaper’s skepticism, a journal’s thoughtfulness, and a blog’s immediacy. Marissa Brostoff, daughter of LA's Marlene & Neil Brostoff, is staff writer. Yasher Koach

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JConnectLA weekly Jewish calendar for my daughter's generation. http://www.jconnectla.com/

Please direct your 20 and 30 year olds to this e weekly.

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A Jewish paper that I was reading today: http://forward.com/current-edition/

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JEWISH WORLD REVIEW is another daily web journal that I am partial to because my cousin is the publisher. http://www.jewishworldreview.com/

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Read the LA Jewish Journal web calendar for LA listings and news. http://www.jewishjournal.com/

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See what LA's Samuel K. puts in his website, http://www.sacredfriends.com/

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Shalom and BlesSings to you for joy (gila, rena, ditza, simcha, chedva, sasson, tzachala),


JOY IN NEW YORK Shades of Joy

by Joy Krauthammer


My story is available still in the last Joyous Chai Lights in the Sept. .Elul issue. (I think listed as August post.)

I LOVE NY (c) Joy Krauthammer

sticker found on a New Mexico car

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I think I first learned biblical biblical movement drash from Torah movement woman, Andrea Hodos, at National Havurah Institute in 1994. I like going further and dressing up in the part and making it 3D along with the movement. I had another opportunity to dance the Parsha during Shabbat service this summer at Kallah in Ohio with choreographer, Julie Leavitt, where I studied Movement Torah With Mind & Body. Truth is that every summer I study with another movement mavin at my spiritual retreats.

One of my favorite teachers for a couple summers was with master, Liz Lerman. I cried while dancing the part of Jacob. I loved Biblio-drama with Peter Pitzele. I think my passion for this began with Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi in 1991 when we danced the Sephirot on Simchat Torah, and I still dance them with Reb Zalman, as I did at Elat Chayyim in 2007 for Shavuot. Each time I learn so much from these challenges. In 1993 I danced the Hebrew Alep-Bet with Yehudit Goldfarb at Aleph's Berkeley Kallah. It took me two decades to figure out that I have a pattern: that is to study every summer with another Torah movement mavin.

One book I see on my shelves is "Torah in Motion, Creating Dance Midrash." I have used this when I have offered on special occassions, Torah in Motion, as drash to my shuls. I am grateful that Rabbi Stan Levy of B'nai Horin has allowed me to do this. I remember when meditation Rabbi David Cooper said to me, "You're Betzalel," when I had dressed up for Shabbat in the colors, images, bells and pomegranates, and textiles of garments of the Temple, per that week's Parsha. I responded, "Maybe Betzalel's helper." I had a lot of experience doing this for years in all of Reb Judith HaLevy's Rebbe Nachman, and Sacred Stories experiential classes in Sarah's Tent. Ah, another favorite was becoming Yetzirah and flowing water, and another time, A Holy Vessel.

Mamash, one of my favorite movement drashes was when I made (with artist GG's help) finger puppet flames for the 150 women of Lev Eisha when I was chanting BaHa'alotecha as a Simchat Chochmah. When I read about the Temple Menorah's flames, ALL THE WOMEN danced their fingers as holy Temple Menorah flames. I also dressed up as a flame... Ah, on Shabbat on Chanukah, I wear a menorah on my chest... Yes, this all gives me pleasure, and others receive the JOY, and permission to play and connect with the Divine in radiant dance..

Each Shabbat that I am dancing with the women, with my timbrel in hand, I know that biblical sister Miriyahm HaNeviah is not far behind, but in front, leading.


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Joy -- a percussionist, and her bands, OPEN TO WONDER, and KINDRED SPIRITS are also available for musical and spiritual gatherings.





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